Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Snorkeling video clips from Turks & Caicos (Dec 2006)

Underwater 1

A short underwater video clip. Snorkeling at a small reef just off the beach.

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Underwater 2

Swimming with the fishes.

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Underwater 3

Some cool blue fish.

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Underwater 4

I shot this clip while snorkeling at one of the larger reefs.

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Underwater 5 - Barracuda!

This was one of the barracudas hanging around and checking us out as we snorkeled. I estimate that it was about 4-5 feet long, and very intimidating.

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Underwater 6 - Turtle!

Swimming with Crush out at the reef. I apologize for how jumpy this clip is. I didn't want to get too close and scare the turtle, so I stayed up at the surface where I was getting tossed around by the waves making it difficult to hold the camera steady. This turtle was a young one. It's only about 2 feet long.

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Underwater 7

Tammie accidentally shot this video while snorkeling. It's not the best of the clips, but there was one fish that keeps appearing and I think it's pretty funny.

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You can see the pictures from the trip here.