Monday, September 10, 2012

Broody Chicken

One of our chickens, Princess Layer, has gone broody. She's starting to molt, so her egg production is actually on hold. She started acting broody a little less than a week ago. In this video I demonstrate one of the recommended "cures" to help a hen get over being broody. It's not very effective.

Video Link

Monday, September 3, 2012

Oneonta Falls - Sep 3, 2012

For Labor Day we made a trip out to see Oneonta Falls, located in the Columbia River Gorge just outside Portland. It's a very short hike back through Oneonta Gorge to get to the falls, but it's not what I would call an easy hike. It doesn't take great strength or stamina, just some careful footing.

The hike begins just off the Historic Columbia River Highway at the mouth of the Oneonta Gorge. Don't go through the tunnel (unless you want to visit Horsetail Falls). Just take a right here at the bridge.

There's no trail. Just follow the riverbed. So far it looks easy, but not too far in you come upon the most hazardous part: a log jam. You have to climb up and over these logs. Take your time and go slow. One false step and you could slip and fall. There are some very large gaps that you could fall through and get seriously hurt.

Once over this obstacle the rest is much safer, but still not easy.

A few shallow pools to wade through, or walk around if you can. One deep pool that is easy if you wade through it (it's about 4 feet deep), but very cold. Some people try to stick to the wall.

Then you're there.

Both directions offer some beautiful views through the gorge.

Everyone wanted to spend some time in the sun when we returned to the trail head.

We made a quick detour on the way back to the car to go see Horsetail Falls. It's right off the road and doesn't require any hiking to see it.

There is another hike in this area up around the back side of Horsetail Falls that I'd like to go see sometime soon. It's supposed to be an easy hike. But after the soaking adventure we had in Oneonta Gorge we were a little too cold and damp to try it today.