Friday, November 2, 2007

Halloween 2007

The kids had a fun Halloween and scored lots of loot. Tammie made the kids' costumes this year.

Adam wanted to be a bat.

Do not call him "Batman." He'll get mad at you.

Rachel was an Indian Princess.

You can't see them in that picture but we made her moccasins too. She got some good use out of the costume this year. She went to (as far as I can recall) 5 costume/trick-or-treat parties!

David was a werewolf.

It's a fur wolf costume with some shredded clothing, hair glued to his face and hands, and fangs. Adam thought it was the coolest costume ever.

I handed out candy at home while everyone else went trick-or-treating. As usual, we only had about 10 kids show up. So we have way too much left-over candy. It's kind of disappointing having so few kids come to the door each year. Our neighbor does some pretty cool decorations, but he's starting to get burned out since not enough people show up to make it all worthwhile. I'm not sure if the low numbers are a symptom of the times or if our neighborhood is just too tucked away and doesn't attract many people.