Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Adam - Piano

Adam has been watching Tammie teach other kids piano for a while now and has been begging to be taught as well. Tammie wasn't sure that he was ready or that he'd stick with it so she kept putting it off. Meanwhile Adam would occasionally sit at the piano and "play songs" by just randomly playing the keys. But he wouldn't pound, he'd act like he was playing for real. So Tammie decided to give it a shot and just see what happens.

He took to it like a fish to water and is progressing very rapidly. Tammie began teaching him sometime in late February this year and he's moving along very well. We're also surprised at how much interest he has in it. He begs for more lessons and we never have to force him to go practice. We usually have to force him to take a break. He'll even walk away from a full dinner plate to go play some more.

Mickey Mouse March

He performed these two songs at a Primary talent show last Saturday. When people asked how long he'd been playing and I'd answer "a little over 2 months," they'd respond with, "You mean he's been practicing those songs for 2 months?" "No, that's when he started playing the piano."

Popeye the Sailor Man

He got a big kick out of seeing himself on Youtube after I uploaded these videos. Now he wants me to make more.